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Robbinsdale Point of Sale Inspections

If your home is in Robbinsdale, you’ll need a Robbinsdale Point of Sale inspection to sell:

  • All single family homes, duplexes, condominiums, and townhouses are included
  • The report is good for one year or one sale
  • Items marked “Required Repair” on the report must be repaired. Other deficiencies may be noted but will not require repairs.
  • A city inspector will inspect the repairs when they’re done, not Apple. There is a $50 charge for the re-inspection.
  • The buyer can take over the repairs if they’re willing to do so.

The Robbinsdale Point of Sale ordinance requires a disclosure report prepared by a certified evaluator (hired by the seller), prior to the house being placed on the market or shown for sale. For more information:

Repair/Replace Requirements – Quick List

General conditions

  • Potential for imminent structural failure
  • Severe deterioration of walls or floors
  • No water, no hot water, or no electricity
  • Staircase or stoop cannot support load
  • Sump pump without proper discharge piping
  • Missing or improperly installed smoke detectors
  • Floor coverings with serious trip hazards
  • Broken glass and exposed edges with cut hazard
  • Chimney structurally unsafe, or visible deterioration of flue liner

Gas connection problems

  • Kinked, deteriorated or improperly connected gas pipes
  • Unapproved flexible gas lines
  • Broken or stuck gas shutoffs
  • Improperly capped gas lines

Water heater and/or boiler problems

  • scorching, missing or broken valves
  • leaking
  • installed on combustible surface and guidelines prohibit
  • no temperature/pressure relief valve
  • missing, inoperative, or improperly located discharge pipe
  • flue improperly installed or evidence of backdrafting

Plumbing issues

  • unsanitary plumbing fixtures
  • improperly abandoned drain lines
  • improperly operating or no sink in kitchen
  • improperly operating or no sink in or near toilet room
  • no toilet facility
  • no water connections to shower or tub
  • improper repairs allowing sewer gas leaks
  • broken, cracked, or leaking fixtures
  • water flow must be at least a pencil width wide in the lowest tap or faucet
  • visible leakage in waste pipes

Electrical issues

  • overfused, tampering or alteration of wiring
  • improper grounding of electrical outlets
  • extension cords used as wiring (under floors, through walls or cabinets)
  • broken outlets
  • no GFCI in remodeled bath areas
  • exterior mast broken or improperly secured
  • electric wires over outside pool or hot tub

Heating system problems

  • signs of leakage, cracks in combustion chamber, uneven discoloration of heat exchanger
  • cracked or damaged casing
  • improper clearance to combustibles
  • missing or clearly defective shutoff
  • flue not properly installed/sealed, or holes caused by rust/corrosion
  • freestanding gas space heater that takes combustion air from the room

Clutter – egress obstruction

Sanitation – excessive garbage

Vermin – infestations

To schedule an inspection after the Point of Sale “Repair/Replace” items are completed, call the city at 763-531-1268.