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Robbinsdale Cancels Point of Sale Program

Point-of-Sale inspections are no longer required to sell houses in the City of Robbinsdale. The City is in the process of repealing the Point-of-Sale Housing Disclosure Ordinance. Inspection manuals are available on the city website as a resource for residents who are interested in thoroughly evaluating the condition of their homes.

St. Paul requires a hardwired smoke alarm

If you live in St. Paul, here's a tip to save you time and money when you get a Truth in Housing inspection. The only thing St. Paul requires from a Truth in Housing (TISH) inspection is the installation of one hardwired smoke alarm near a bedroom. … [Continue reading]

Bloomington Time of Sale taken completely in-house

The City of Bloomington recently took all Time of Sale inspections in-house, meaning they no longer use outside inspectors like Apple. Call the city directly to set up your Time of Sale inspection at 952-563-8700. … [Continue reading]

TISH inspections for sellers

Only some cities in the Twin Cities metro area require a Truth in Housing (TISH) inspection. They're also called Time of Sale or Point of Sale, depending on the city. Some cities require repairs after the inspection, and others don't. See my homepage … [Continue reading]

Seeing Things – Aquarium window

Apple Home Inspections

Where are the fish? This basement window seems to be just as watertight as an aquarium, which is quite a miracle. The more common scenario is a very wet basement. Here's the view from outside: These pictures were taken during the spring … [Continue reading]

Seeing Things – Spaghetti wiring

Apple Home Inspections Inc.

Here's an example of wiring that isn't quite "up to code". The main danger here is the potential fire hazard. Why a fire hazard? With this many things plugged in, the wires can overheat and start a fire. The fluorescent lights on the ceiling are also … [Continue reading]