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Bloomington Time of Sale

If your home is in Bloomington, you’ll need a Bloomington Time of Sale inspection to sell:

  • All single family homes, duplexes, condominiums, townhouses, and mobile homes are included. There are no exemptions for relatives or family members.
  • Bloomington Time of Sale reports are good for one year or one sale
  • Bloomington requires an evaluation be done before a property is offered for sale
  • Any items rated “H” (Hazardous) must be repaired. Other deficiencies may be noted but will not require repairs
  • A Bloomington city inspector will re-inspect when the repairs are done, not Apple. There is no charge for the re-inspection.

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If an immediate hazard exists, it must be corrected. If the dwelling is occupied, corrective action must be taken by the owner or the owner’s agent. If the dwelling is vacant, it cannot be occupied until the hazard has been corrected.

If the owner/seller cannot undertake corrective action, the buyer may elect to correct the immediate hazards identified in the Evaluation Report. A buyer intending to correct the hazards must first obtain written consent from the City of Bloomington.

The owner or the owner’s contractor must obtain all the necessary permits from the City and the dwelling will be subject to City re-inspection prior to occupancy.
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What dwelling units are affected?

All single and two-family dwellings, condominiums, townhouses and mobile homes are included. Multi-family rental buildings over 4 units are not included.

When must the property be inspected?

The property must be inspected and a report form completed prior to offering the property for sale. The Housing Evaluation Report must be available for review by potential purchasers at all times that the property is offered for sale.

Who does the inspection?

The seller can choose to have the City of Bloomington perform the inspection or they can select from the list of independent evaluators licensed by the City of Bloomington.

What does an evaluator do?

The evaluator will examine:

  • The dwelling’s visible structural elements
  • Heating, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Other components of construction
  • Accessible, unoccupied areas such as attics and crawlspaces, but will not take apart any building components

Problems hidden in inaccessible areas cannot be identified.

Must all identified problems be repaired?

No. Only items which pose an immediate hazard to the occupants of the structure are required to be repaired. Other deficiencies will be noted in the Housing Evaluation Report, but will not require correction.

How are corrections of hazardous items monitored?

When hazardous items are identified by the evaluator, the City of Bloomington will follow up to determine whether the hazardous condition has been corrected.

When must corrections of hazardous conditions be completed?

Hazardous conditions must be corrected and approved by the City before the dwelling is occupied. A copy of the Certificate of Approval, which is issued immediately if there are no hazards or after reinspection by the City if hazards were found, is usually required at closing. If the dwelling is already occupied, corrective action shall be taken by the owner or agent of the owner.

Is the evaluation a warranty?

No. The evaluation is not a guarantee or warranty. The Housing Evaluation Report will be completed through visual inspection of the property. The inspector cannot guarantee that problems will not occur after the inspection.

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