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South St. Paul Time of Sale

Program Overview

The City of South St. Paul has a Time-of-Sale Housing Inspection Program. The City Council established by ordinance (PDF) the properties that require an inspection under this program. The program is intended to enhance the supply of safe housing and to prevent the deterioration of the overall housing in the city.

Time-of-Sale Evaluation Report

When a homeowner is preparing to sell their property they must have a Time-of-Sale evaluation report on site when showing the property. This includes single family, two-family, and multiple-family dwellings located within the city. Listed below are the steps to be followed when selling your property:

  1. Choose from the list of City-licensed Housing Evaluators (PDF) and schedule an inspection. Inspection costs are determined by the individual evaluators. The evaluator follows guidelines (PDF) and completes an inspection form. Once the inspection is complete the evaluator will leave a copy of the report with the property owner. This report must be displayed when showing the house for sale.
  2. Any items marked as “Hazardous” on the report must be fixed before the new homeowner takes possession. Hazardous items are considered to be those conditions or defects that are likely to cause injury to a person or property if not corrected. You may wish to review the list of items commonly found hazardous (PDF) before the evaluator inspects your home.
  3. The evaluator has 10 days to file the report with the city.
  4. If the report has hazardous items listed on it, the homeowner must hire a licensed housing evaluator for the City of South St. Paul to re-inspect once all the hazardous items have been corrected.
  5. Once the house has been re-inspected, the evaluator will file the report with the city. A letter (typically needed at the closing) will be sent to the homeowner informing them that the hazardous items listed have been corrected.

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