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Little Canada Rental Inspections

If you rent out a house, condominium, duplex, or other multi-family complex, a license for rental housing is required.

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Common repair list (prepared by Apple)

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Evaluator Guidelines

The rental licensing program is designed to ensure that housing units meet appropriate code requirements, to provide the City with better information as to the location of the City’s rental housing stock, and to require adequate tenant screening/management procedures to minimize problem tenant issues.

The City Council has instituted penalties under our rental licensing program for those property owners who fail to obtain a license. Unlicensed properties found to have rental units will subject the property owner to double fees, misdemeanor citations, and possible injunctive action to prevent the continued illegal rental.

If you own or manage a rental property, please contact the Little Canada City Center at 651-766-4029 to commence your application process or have your questions answered.